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Lovely visuals, smooth gameplay, although surprisinginly not devoid of bugs. My primary issue(s) include not reading my score correctly, and truck not detaching wheels and ending the level when I tip over or hit something at high speeds. English would be nice, but that doesn't really rustle my jimmies.

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Great game built on a relatively good premise. To improve, what might be needed more than anything is a greater distinction between the background and the foreground. Aside from that, you got the game pretty damn straight.

Just like that and straight into the game-- no need for silly menus! I like it. Throughout gameplay (can't say there was much though), it was broken beyond repair entirely. I have the pink cannon working, with a dash of hearts on it, that had lovely physics, and I shot hearts with an added counter that doesn't work, and there I had it. I could reset, which was a nice feature, but the pattern was the same one before, many times over. I didn't see a next level or anything, it was just that one. For a first project using Flash, I think it would be what I refer to as "really cool bro". Good work.

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I don't even know what to say. Is it broken for me? All I seem to be doing is shooting a poptart kitten, nothing more to it. I like the "Preset Settings", can't say I'm a fan of the relatively low-quality audio though. The description really spills the beans. Good try though, I suppose. e_e

I can't even begin to mention how worthy of many, many people's time this game is. Awesome work, I can see you put a lot into this.

I think this submission has great potential, however the things I find immediately concerning is the UI, it may or may not need to be revamped in my personal opinion, but it's something you could work on if you see neccesarry. Second, the actual longetivity of the game. I think this is one of the prime, key things that needs to be acknowledged in this little time-killing game scene, and for that to happen will without a doubt lead to bold success. Also, your hands are very aesthetically pleasing. Thanks!

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It's out of the question that you keep true to the game's initial objective, but it seems that really you've captured utter mediocrity in a bottle. It's a silly little game really, which I suppose you could derive a bit of fun from, but at the end of the day I really doubt whether it's worth actually submitting to the portal. Very good try, much better then I could ever do to say the very least. Thanks!

No way.

I'm going to give your 3 points here.

1. You took a perfectly good song and raped it. I can't bare to see what more rape you are going to commit.

2. The game has no plot, no depth or nothing appealing what-so-ever. I entered my name on the MS Painted main-menu and I ended up in a supposable lab and had to find my cursor/mouse in a room lit by blue (isn't it supposed to be dark).

3. You are incredibly childish. You banned me from commenting on your page (because I've told you the truth about your submissions), you blocked me from messaging you to give you a personal inquiry on how bad your submissions are and how you should just let them all die and stop giving a really badly write 'Author's Response'.

I've also read the others users responses and is supposedly stolen or a rip-off. So for stealing and having the audacity and inferiority to submit more to the portal when you fully know they aren't going to get anywhere. They aren't even good enough to get Turd of the Week because they are more turdy than that award could make a turdy game turdier.

For your own sake, delete it or just stop the production of your submissions or sooner or later, a lot of people will hate you and there goes your rep and then you're off to Banland I guess.

Oh, and I doubt you could use more than 2,000 characters to criticize MY criticism. AND ONE MORE THING. I AM TRYING TO PERSUADE YOU TO DELETE YOUR SUBMISSIONS (if possible) IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND ALREADY FROM YOUR REVIEWS AND SCORE.

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There are plenty of plot-holes: first of all, why am I getting like 5 dollars every time I blow up an asteroid? I'm pretty sure defending the earth is worth a million, nothing really happens. I had fun playing for the first half-hour but after putting rockets down, everything blew up.

Overall, it's not what I expected.

A disappointment

I must admit the time limit was too small, isn't very 'new' looking. It had a good concept and I can admit it but it was just a little boring than I would have thought. It's more of a puzzle game then what I would have wanted it to be.

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